I speak to so many people who have thought for years about having a family photo shoot, or just having the children photographed. There is something in everyone that makes us a bit hesitant about picking up the phone and making an appointment.

I guess most of us feel a little uncomfortable about the thought of willingly standing in front of a camera in a new place and without a drink in our hand! It seems to come naturally to children, they arrive buzzing but for us adults the enthusiasm isn’t quite there!

Our whole set up and approach is aimed at making you not only feel relaxed, but actually really enjoying the photography session, so much so you will not want to leave at the end! If you take a few minutes to read some of the wonderful testimonials we have had from people that have been to our studio, the common theme is how much they enjoyed the whole experience. The key to getting great pictures all starts from the moment you arrive. We will put on your favourite music, and if you need a coffee first we have the most amazing machine that makes great cappuccinos! We will have biscuits on hand, but if you have any favourites do let us know and we will try and get them in for you. During the photography session, you will have every chance to see the pictures as we go, and do let us know if there are any particular ideas you would like to try. Although we can come up with plenty of ideas ourselves, you are in charge!

When you leave the studio, you should be confident there are plenty of great pictures to look at on your return.



An enjoyable session at our modern studio with your family where you will be made welcome, relaxed and capture the fun of the photography on the day


Photo Review

In our review room carefully select the photography to crop, clean and retouch to keep, cherish and remember lifestyle milestones of growing up



Hi quality, colour rich prints, single or multiple aperture, photography is expertly framed in bespoke made-to-order framing of your choice


The Photo Shoot

What happens next?

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