Thank you If you have  already booked your photo session with us. I promise we will look after you and I am sure you will have a great time!

Before you come along, please have a think about what you bring along to the shoot. Bring as many changes of outfit as you like and we can select the ones that work best on the day. You may want some pictures in smart clothes but bring casual ones as well?

For any group shots make sure you are colour co-ordinated, light and dark clothes work best to give some contrast, white tops can work especially well. Avoid to much pattern, but some simple jewellery can work well.


You may want to plan your photography session after a trip to the hairdressers?

Your children may want to bring a number of outfits as well? Younger ones can come in there dressing up clothes (fairy or princess outfits for instance) think about what interests they have or hobbies. We have taken some great shots of families with their musical instruments, football kits or even ski kits and ski’s!!

Younger children are often attached to a special toy that you may wish to bring as well.

In short, come over prepared and well groomed!!

Please do call if you have any questions.

See you very soon