Studio Birthday Parties

If you are looking for a children’s birthday party that is just a bit different then our ‘photo birthday parties’ could be just what you are looking for.
The photo birthday parties aren’t about make over photo shoots, but more about fun!

The parties take place in our Cheltenham studio in Gloucestershire. They are open to all ages, typically we see children and young adults from 10 years to 18 years. We recommend a party of about 5 to 8 is best so that everyone gets plenty of time behind the camera.
We start of with a group picture, and the best one is printed so everyone has a photograph to take home.
The next hour or so is spent taking photos. It’s up to the kids what happens next but we recommend planning some ideas before the big day. Why not theme it? So far we have had summer themes, winter themes (even with fake snow, very cool!),  1930’s and even a hats theme! Pajama parties are fun especially if they want to have a pillow fights!

Studio Birthday Parties Teenagers Family Portrait Photography

When the studio is empty and everyone has gone (at this point it suddenly seems very quiet!) we start to select the very best pictures and retouch them in the computer. We upload the pictures to a web link that is only given to the people attending the party (written consent is need from parents first) you can all browse the pictures and relive the party in the comfort of your own home. Additional photographs can be purchased from just £5.00 each
We have had some amazing comments and great feedback from the kids and parents.

Why not call us to discuss how we can provide a great party that will not only live long in the memory but you will even have the pictures as well!

O yes, how much is it I hear you ask?
The photography session, a picture each, nibbles and drinks, party poppers and balloons and the web link is just £175.00 all in (even includes the vat)

“A completely new experience and i had so much fun! My friends really enjoyed it and you get some fun pictures at the end! John is so nice and made us feel welcome.” – Olivia Wilde

“I found the experience amazing, i felt like a super-model. Definitely a must-do activity. I didn’t feel shy or self conscious because John was so nice. Doing it with music and friends around made it great fun!” – Deliah Wells

“It was really great and really fun. John was lovely and we had really good photos! I would definitely come back for more” – Rachel Roper

“The photo shoot was amazing, we dressed up in three different outfits and had group and individual shots for each. It was a great experience and i would definitely do it again.” – Emma Parry-Jones

“It was such an amazing and relaxed experience. It wasn’t awkward or nor was anyone shy. It was so much fun!” – Katherine Lindley

“Had an INCREDIBLE time! it was so fun! It was a great experience, dressing up like we were models for a professional photographer! Had such fun with my friends! I would definitely recommend. – Maisy

“I had an amazing time here, one of my best parties ever! I felt like a real model and had a great time! I would recommend Two Front Teeth to a friend! Thanks. – Jasmine Winter

“I had an amazing time here, we had three different themes and it was great fun. We had about 10 individual shots each. It was awesome. – Anna Sweetman

“Had a great time here, we did lots of posing, it was a great experience and i would love to come here again another time. The photographer John was also very nice. – Annabel Radbourne