Cakesmash2When anybody asks what my favourite photography sessions are I will always say the “Cake Smash”!! The photo shoot starts off with a pristine baby, pristine background and a wonderful pristine cake. Of course that doesn’t last too long!!
We aim to capture all the expressions of your little one as they look at the cake wondering if they are allowed to grab it. Then, as they get more confident and with you encouraging them along, they can pile in and get as messy as they like!!
We are currently offering a Cake Smash shoot as a special offer for a limited time.
Normally our cake smash session fee is £30 but we have reduced it to just £15 (just to cover the ‘clean-up’ operation afterwards!!!) and further more, we will give you a fully retouched, framed 7 x 5 inch image worth £65 absolutely free*, with no obligation to purchase anything else. We will also allow you to use this as a discount towards any upgrade you may wish to choose (framed prints, prints, CD’s, canvases, etc.)
We feel this is a fantastic opportunity to have a lasting memory of your child getting truly messy with a birthday cake. Can you imagine the look on your little one’s face when you put the cake in front of them and then leave them to it?! 
Leave your ‘OCD’ at home, and the ‘clean-up’ to us, and watch your little one have a really ‘smashing’ time!
We promise it will be fun.
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* Offers, prizes and vouchers may be redeemed only on attendance at a separate viewing session at the Two Front Teeth Photography studio